Aug 4, 2011

The Best Control Schools in Kuala Lumpur(sekolah harian)

now, most of the standard 6 students are busy filling in the form to apply for the control school and the boarding school(their parents actually)... so, for this post, i want to share about the best control schools that they can choose around Kuala Lumpur(sekolah harian)...

high perfomance school:
SMK Aminuddin Baki(kawalan penuh)

cluster schools:
SMK Victoria(kawalan penuh)

other schools(i'm not sure whether all these schools are good or not... but, some of the schools i've heard before and performed quite well...):
SMK Maxwell
SMK (P) Bandaraya(kawalan penuh)
SMK Puterijaya
SMK Menjalara
SMK Kiaramas
SMK Wangsa Maju Zon R1